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Forgotten Boy

It’s February 2003 and private detective Glenn Wozniak just wants to ride out the remainder of a cold Chicago winter perched on a bar stool, pairing shots of Irish whiskey with cheap beer. But when a client neglects to pay him for services rendered, Glenn finds himself desperate for work, any work. Enter a wealthy new client offering a lot of money to find his missing daughter.

On the eve of the U.S. war in Iraq, Glenn begins an investigation that puts him on a collision course with anti-war protesters, ex-cons, drug dealers, corrupt cops, and a gang member leading a double life, ultimately unearthing deadly secrets that will make him some dangerous enemies.

“Great, well-crafted crime read”
– Amazon Reviewer

“Keeps you guessing”
– Amazon Reviewer

“Gritty and captivating”
– Maria Monroe, author of Afterglow